How to use Instagram broadcast channels to support creator partnerships (2024)

“What do you think, chat?”

“Help me out, chat.”

“What’s up chat, how are y’all feeling today?”

These are some of the phrases you’ll hear from creators on live streams when talking to their audience. Livestream chats are just one example of how creators nurture their communities on social media. With Discord, Twitch and other one-to-many platforms continuing to gain popularity, creators and influencers are transforming how they interact with their supporters.

Since Meta announced Instagram broadcast channels in February 2023, creators have used the functionality to foster closer connections with their most devoted followers. Influencer relationships are evolving, and marketers need to adapt how they ‌collaborate with them as new ways to connect emerge on social.

In this article, we’ll cover how to use Instagram broadcast channels for your influencer strategies and show you creators who connect with followers in unique ways.

What is an Instagram broadcast channel?

An Instagram broadcast channel is a one-to-many messaging feature that enables creators to send direct messages to their audience, creating an exclusive chat experience for loyal followers.

A creator can send messages, questions, voice notes, links, photos and polls to members on the broadcast channel. Although members can’t send messages to the channel, they can vote and react to messages the creator sends. Creators can only send messages to followers who have joined their channels.

How to use Instagram broadcast channels for brand-influencer strategies

Instagram broadcast channels are an opportunity for businesses to rethink influencer-brand partnerships. Along with nurturing a community, Instagram broadcast channels are often used to promote the creator’s projects, brand partnerships and content on other social platforms. Typically, broadcast channels are only available for creator accounts, but some business accounts are eligible. If your brand account isn’t available, we recommend working with influencers to incorporate broadcast channels into your influencer strategy.

Here are five of our favorite ways to use Instagram broadcast channels for brand-influencer strategies.

1. Use polls to inform your campaign content

Collect information about your audience and get feedback by asking creators to share polls and/or ask questions. Based on the results of the poll and responses, you can use the insights to inform your campaign messaging and content.

2. Share live updates during an event or activation

Tap creators to use broadcast channels for live updates during a brand trip or activation. If your business is hosting or sponsoring an event, the creator can share behind-the-scenes content that typically isn’t shown on feeds or from a brand account. Creators can also share posts ahead of your brand’s event to help generate excitement and interest.

3. Promote external channels

Cross-promote content by sharing links to your other social media channels. Links in broadcast channels are interactive, so members can click on them and be directed to your website or another platform like YouTube to increase visibility and traffic.

4. Use Instagram Subscriptions for early access launches

Instagram subscriptions allow creators to monetize by offering exclusive content and benefits to followers for a monthly fee. Creators can offer broadcast channels solely for subscribers. Beyond exclusive content, the subscriber-only channels can be used to support product launches and sales. For example, a creator could have one broadcast channel ‌open to all followers and another made for subscribers. In the subscriber channel, the creator can offer early access links or discount codes for a new product. This tactic can also be used for restock notifications of best-selling items.

Your social team can work with creators to determine how your brand wants to leverage subscriptions, but this is also a great opportunity to lean on your influencer marketing manager for guidance.

5. Build broadcast channels into your influencer campaign briefs

If you want to take advantage of broadcast channels, build them into your influencer campaign briefs. When creating your influencer campaign brief, you can list broadcast channels as a tactic and outline expectations for the partnership. For example, you can outline the approval process, the content type(s) you want created and shared to followers and key messaging points.

How to find broadcast channels on Instagram

You can only access broadcast channels via the Instagram app. You can find broadcast channels via notification or bio link. Here’s a step-by-step guide to show you how to find channels:

Instagram notification

If a creator you follow starts an Instagram broadcast, you’ll get a notification inviting you to join their channel. Click on the notification to see the Invites pages. On the Invites screen, you’ll notice the Most popular and Most active tabs. These tabs feature broadcast channels you don’t follow.

How to use Instagram broadcast channels to support creator partnerships (1)

Instagram bio link

You can find broadcast channels in the bio section. Simply tap the message icon next to the broadcast channel name.

How to use Instagram broadcast channels to support creator partnerships (2)

There might be more than one broadcast channel depending on the creator or business. For example, the NBA has three broadcast channels in their bio: NBA, NBA Draft and NBA All-Star.

How to use Instagram broadcast channels to support creator partnerships (3)

Whether it’s ‌a creator or business, join and explore broadcast channels to inspire your content and influencer strategy. Pay attention to the type of content posted and what gets the most engagement.

3 examples of creators using broadcast channels

1. @jazmynjw

Comedian and content creator Jazmyn W (@jazmynw) uses her broadcast channel ‌to nurture community. Along with using voice messages to share jokes and inspirational messages, she shares polls and asks questions to interact with her audience. For example, in the image below, she asks about weekend plans.

How to use Instagram broadcast channels to support creator partnerships (4)

Jazmyn also uses the channel for promotion. For instance, she announced her comedy tour on her broadcast channel. To learn more about her ticket sales and gauge interest, she asked, “I’m on tour right now. Y’all coming? Why or why not?”

How to use Instagram broadcast channels to support creator partnerships (5)

She discovered there were a lot of members in the Houston and Atlanta areas who wanted to attend, but couldn’t afford to purchase tickets. In response, she created a giveaway through her Patreon–a subscription service for creators.

How to use Instagram broadcast channels to support creator partnerships (6)

Jazmyn’s broadcast channel serves as an excellent example for creators and brands looking to connect and learn more about their audiences to inform future content and activations.

2. @fazerug

@fazerug’s broadcast channel is filled with ‌inspirational quotes, exclusive discount codes and giveaways. To support the launch of his candy brand, the entrepreneur offered a limited-time discount code to members.

How to use Instagram broadcast channels to support creator partnerships (7)

He also uses the broadcast channel to promote posts on his main page. For example, in the image below, he shares a link to a photo and tells the group to comment on a specific phrase:

How to use Instagram broadcast channels to support creator partnerships (8)

The post he shared in the broadcast was for a brand event sponsored by Bose.

How to use Instagram broadcast channels to support creator partnerships (9)

Regardless of the message, @fazerug’s broadcast channel fuels engagement and brings him closer to his community.

3. @mikaelashiffrin

Olympic champion Mikaela Shiffrin (@mikaelashiffrin) gives her audience an inside look into her life as a professional ski racer. Her broadcast channel is adorned with behind-the-scenes photos and videos, but you’ll also find her promoting various videos on YouTube—many of which are sponsored by brands. She shares videos with her community first before sharing it more widely.

Along with launching videos to her broadcast channel, she encourages members to share feedback and ideas for upcoming episodes and seasons. For example, below she shares a new episode of Moving Right Along, which was sponsored by Adidas Terrex.

How to use Instagram broadcast channels to support creator partnerships (10)

Mikaela’s channel is a masterclass in using the feature to promote and inform new content.

Strengthen your creator partnerships with Instagram broadcast channels

Instagram broadcast channels enable creators to form closer relationships with their audiences by opening the door for real-time connections and feedback. By using broadcast channels to target their most engaged followers, creators and brands alike can learn more about their audience and optimize upcoming content. These channels are just one way influencers support cohesive brand experiences. Learn more about the evolving landscape and how to create influencer marketing content that resonates in our 2024 influencer marketing report.

How to use Instagram broadcast channels to support creator partnerships (2024)
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