Lauren Compton Boyfriend, Married, Husband, & Net Worth (2024)

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Lauren Compton is an actress, podcast host, and comedian. She is known for hosting the podcast, First Date With Lauren Compton. She has also been in films including Stand, Hawkeye And Black Widow, The Fast franchise, and others. Compton, however, in recent years, has been recognizable for her podcast and for being an Only Fans model.

Read more about how she gained prominence in addition to where she grew up. Also get the details with respect to her boyfriend, if she has one, her plans on getting married, and also her net worth.

Lauren Compton Is Texan By Birth

Compton, fully Lauren Elise Compton, was born on September 15, 1987, in Dallas Texas. The comedian is the daughter of Allen Dale Compton and Ellen Jo Newcomb. She also has a younger brother named Ryan Compton.

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Before comedy, Lauren trained as an elite gymnast for eleven years & even competed at the national level. Compton also participated in school plays and musicals.


The blonde comedian went to Plano East Senior High School. She graduated in 2005.

Following her high school, Compton moved to Los Angeles, California. She enrolled in various acting workshops including UCB, Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop, American Comedy Institute, and Gerry Katzman Stand Up Comedy Coach.

Lauren Compton’s Career Began In The Mid 2000s

Compton made her screen debut in the 2005 short film Pain Is Beauty. Her first TV appearance was in the series, Sunset Club (2014). Since then, Compton has been in over 40 movies, TV shows, and short films.

Some of her notable credits include Interrogation (2006), The Fast franchise, Help (2015), Last Life (2015), The Cleansing Hour (2016), I’m Dying Up Here (2017), Heroes With Issues (2017), and Your Honor (2023) among others.

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Compton embarked on her acting journey, marking her debut in the 2005 short film Pain Is Beauty. The same year she also graced the screen in the music video The Fire. The following year, her film career began as she portrayed Justine Bussichio in Beverly Hills, 90210. For this, she would earn a nomination at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards for Best Breakthrough Performance.

In 2007, she played a supporting role in Black Dog. Following that she also played a cyber-bullying victim in the independent film Stand in 2008. Meanwhile, the actress graced television screens with guest appearances on popular series such as Brothers & Sisters, Without a Trace, and CSI: Miamibetween 2007 and 2008.

Compton’s breakthrough into mainstream recognition came in 2009 when she starred alongside Jeremy Renner and Amy Leigh Andrews in Hawkeye & Black Widow. This performance earned her the Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress of Action at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. Further expanding her small-screen presence, she made a notable guest appearance on The CW drama series Valentine Hope.

Lauren Compton Further Roles

Compton’s acting career continued with the portrayal of Sara Trucks in the Disney sports film Run & Showdown. This marked a significant step, leading her to a lead role in the drama North of Nowhere. The same year Compton portrayed the role of Toni Hunt in Fast Six. The momentum continued into 2013 when she reprised her role in Fast & Furious 7 and assumed the lead character in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In 2014, she landed the role as the lead female role alongside Colin Farrell and Stephen Amell in The Recruitment.

From 2010 to 2014, Compton expanded her television presence, making multiple guest appearances on several series, including “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Person of Interest,” “Solstice Rim,” “House,” “PMC: Private Military Company,” and “Castle.”

In 2015, Compton returned to the Fast franchise with her reprised role in Furious 8. During the same year, she portrayed the role of Jamie Sands on the CBS crime drama Police.

Post-“Police,” Compton showcased her versatility with appearances in films such as Created Equal and Death House, as well as HBO series like I’m Dying Up Here and Here and Nowbetween 2017 and 2018.

In 2019, Compton took center stage in the action crime thriller “S.W.A.T.” This performance earned her three award nominations, including the 2019 Teen Choice Awards for Choice Summer Movie Actress, the People’s Choice Awards for Female Movie Star, and the National Film & TV Awards for Best Supporting Actress.

Lauren now hosts her show, First Date With Lauren Compton under the YMH brand.

Does Lauren Compton Have A Boyfriend?

Compton does have a boyfriend. The Texan-born has confirmed that she has a partner and that she is dating in several episodes of her show. During an interview with Christina P, Lauren talked about her partner’s physical appearance saying he was tall, had a beard, and a little bit of belly.

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My guy is like a big burly guy too, he has got like a beard, and he is tall, and he’s got a belly like he’s got (referring to the podcast host Christina’s husband Tom Segura’s belly)

said the Help actress. According to Compton, her boyfriend also likes to belly bump her which she finds adorable.

…he will just bump me with his belly and I’m like you can’t belly bump me away like I’m still here.

She however talks less about her partner and in fact, hasn’t even mentioned his name. Compton despite saying that she’s dating and has a boyfriend hasn’t revealed the identity of her partner.

Compton Has Some Thoughts For Wedding

Lauren has plans for marriage and even having children of her own. During her interview with Christina in the aforesaid podcast, the Your Honor star revealed that she had a diamond ring set as her screen saver on her phone. It apparently is a reminder for her boyfriend about what sort of ring she wants for the wedding. Lauren additionally mentioned her wish to have kids.

What Is Lauren Compton’s Net Worth?

Although Lauren has yet to reveal what is her net worth, the podcast host has been said to be a millionaire by multiple sources. However, whether she belongs to the nine-figure club is a mystery.

Considering she runs a decently successful channel across several social media platforms, it’s probable that Lauren funnels in quite a big league money. She may not cash in as many as other big podcast hosts and comedians like Chelsea Handler and Whitney Cummings but she certainly seems to be doing good for a comedian of her standards. Her Instagram life can also be taken as a testament to her wealthy life.

Lauren Compton Boyfriend, Married, Husband, & Net Worth (2024)
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