What Should I Do About a Slow Internet Connection? (2024)

What Should I Do About a Slow Internet Connection?

Providing our customers with fast, reliable service is important to us. From time to time, however, you may experience a slow internet connection. Listed below are some of the most common reasons for slow speeds and steps to that may help you resolve any issues and restore your connection to optimal performance.


  • Read the article entitled How Do I Fix My Internet?
  • Test WiFi as a potential source of the problem: To determine if your WiFi device may be causing slow internet speeds, directly connect your device to the cable modem with an ethernet cable. Test browsing speeds with the same browser and frequently visited website(s) as you normally would. If internet speed seems slow, your WiFi network is most likely not an issue. If you notice speeds are improved, the WiFi network may be affecting internet speeds. Refer to the next bullet point below to further resolve the issue.
  • Slow WiFi: Please reference the support article on Troubleshooting Wireless Internet if your WiFi network is suspected to be an issue.
  • Run a speed test: on a device connected with an ethernet cable directly to the cable modem. This will determine if the slow speeds are the result of Sparklight's network or another factor outside of the network. If the speeds match or are close to the subscribed speeds, then Sparklight's network and equipment are functioning properly. If the speeds are substantially less than the subscribed speeds, please call our 24/7 Technical Care Center 877-692-2253 for further assistance.
  • There may be a system outage in your area. Search for your service address on the Sparklight Outage Check page. Or call 877-692-2253 and follow the prompts to check for service outages in your area. If there is a temporary service outage in your area, you will hear an announcement regarding current outages.

    Did you know you can sign up to receive text message alerts if there is an outage impacting services in your area? Learn more.

I’ve tried the first two steps but my internet is still slow. Can other factors impact speeds?

There could be several reasons your internet seems slow. Potential reasons include:

  • Your device is low on system memory (RAM). Close any programs not in use to increase your computer’s performance. You may also consider upgrading to more RAM in your computing device.
  • Virus/Malware software is blocking internet access. Just like firewall software, virus/malware software monitors all network traffic to intercept harmful programs and applications. Sparklight does not provide virus/malware software. Virus/malware software can be purchased from reputable big box or online stores. Popular virus/malware software developers include McAfee™, Norton™, Kaspersky™, Bitdefender™ and Trend Micro™.
  • Avoid use of file-sharing apps or having several household members stream high-definition video or video games at the same time. Limit applications that demand large amounts of data and multiple data-intensive streaming services like games and HD video, which can slow internet connection speeds for the rest of the household.

My connection is good - Why do certain websites load slowly?

There could be several reasons certain websites take longer to load than others. Potential reasons include:

  • The page could contain many high-resolution graphics, pictures or videos.
  • Animation or auto-loading media like music or videos could cause a website to load slowly.
  • The host server may be affected by too many users during peak usage periods.
  • Routers on the internet: Typically, information passes through several routers to deliver webpage information from the host to your device. If any of the routers have trouble pointing the information, it can slow the delivery of webpage information to your device.

Your device(s) may be low on system memory (RAM)

Particularly for Windows™-based PCs, be sure to close any programs not in use to release the RAM for other applications and increase your device’s performance. RAM is also used to manage other system utilities (CPU, disk swap files and GPU). If those resources are consuming a large amount of the available RAM, internet and website access speeds can be affected. The MS-Windows® task manager can be opened by pressing ctrl+shift+esc simultaneously. It provides sufficient detail about running processes and apps, and the RAM resources they are using. You may also consider upgrading to more RAM in your computing device.

Some devices like smart TVs and streaming boxes will continue running apps in the background that can impact performance. Sometimes, simply rebooting the device will clear temporary RAM usage and speed performance.

If all else fails, it may help to reboot

Reboot your cable modem or phone modem:

  • This step usually is necessary to re-establish a connection after a recent problem. Instructions can be found here.
  • It is a healthy practice to occasionally reboot your cable modem to refresh its internet connection.

Reboot your router (if applicable):

  • After rebooting your cable modem in the step above, it may be necessary to reboot the router. Unplug the power from the router for 5 seconds, and plug it back in. It should take about 30 seconds to reboot.

Reboot your computer:

  • This step can resolve a wide variety of issues including re-establishing a connection to your internet service and install new hardware and network drivers.

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Internet Outage?

To check if there is an outage in your area, please call 877-692-2253 and enter your phone number/ account number. If there is a temporary service outage in your area, you will hear anannouncementregarding current outages in your area.

Did you know you can sign up to receive text message alerts if there is an outage impacting services in your area?Learn more.

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What Should I Do About a Slow Internet Connection? (2024)
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